Cannabis Law

Cannabis law is a quickly emerging field of law that requires professionals acquainted with state regulations to navigate. States across the country have started contemplating the use of medical marijuana, including Mississippi. In this time of change for Mississippi, look to Hagwood & Tipton’s healthcare attorneys for questions about what this means.

Hagwood & Tipton healthcare attorneys are in the unique position to assist clients in navigating this complex area. Our healthcare attorneys work closely with the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure, Mississippi Board of Nursing, Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, and the Mississippi State Department of Health.

When cannabis businesses face challenges with state regulations, Hagwood & Tipton’s healthcare attorneys are available to provide guidance and advice regarding Cannabis Law. Physicians, medical clinics, distributors, processing facilities, and others can rely on our attorneys for skilled and thorough assistance.

If you want to open a facility or have questions about what the Mississippi Cannabis laws mean for you, Hagwood & Tipton’s healthcare attorneys can help you sort out what you need.